Monday, 17 September 2007

Boxes, boxes..

Yesterday we put all our efforts into the flat. O drove to the recycling center with endless piles of empty cardboard boxes. I tried to unpack both our private stuff as well work (we work from home) stuff.

Our motivation came from the fact that a sales person was coming to meet me the day after. After 6h of unpacking our hallway looked like this...

I started to seriously wondering, how we were to pull off this sales meeting. Maybe if I made a little path down the middle, put on a convincing smile and whisked him into the living room with the speed of lightning?..

After a another couple of hours it all fell into place and the floor was at least noticable.

Carl's room is showing straight ahead and office to the left.

We did some unpacking in C's room room on Saturday, so here it is:

He has 2 doors in his room, the one featured in the picture is his "secret door" into the living room.

Since we're at it, I can show you the living room as well..

Report after sales meeting: Sales person very funny man in his 60s *I think*, very nice indeed and he had a striking recemblance to a Swedish actor/comedian known to Swedes as "Kurtan". His real name is Lars Brandeby. He is actually from the same town as me in Sweden, so this might help me feel more at home here.

My own Kurtan.

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