Friday, 28 September 2007

Yes!! We've got Miss D!

The family jumped out of bed at 7.30 today. After a short breakfast we all started clearing and cleaning the flat. After my chef adventure yesterday, I wasn't able to do my daily gymnastic pleasure of walking like a cotton picker throughout the flat, picking up the kids toys, so we had some serious work to do.

*We were contemplating on showing Miss D the real deal*, but decided that that was probably going to scare her away, so we put all our efforts in 3/4 of the flat and then closed the door to our bedroom (where we have our patio furniture leaning against the wall *among other handy things needed in a flat on 3rd floor without a balcony..*

At 10.25 we were all sitting groomed on the sofa waiting, a bit nervous actually, for her. She was punctual (1point), well dressed (1 point, I felt very dressed down!), very sweet (many points) *When speaking on the phone the other day, we had a very awkward conversation (I babbling and she saying yes... and no... and really nothing else.)*

J wasn't shy at all, she greeted Miss D with a Hello and shook her hand, to her amusement.

C was quite shy and but he warmed to her after a little while. Afterwards he explained that she didn't look the way he had expected her to. When asked what he expected, he told me: "I thought she was going to wear a blue dress and a pink ribbon in her hair.." *very similar to Dora the Explorer on a Princess Adventure...*
Anyway, we agreed she would start on Monday, so YIPPEEE, I am not alone with this chaos any longer. From now on we are going to be fed Hungarian goulash and other lovely meals. She was also very sweet with the children.

*I still felt babbly and awkward, hoping Monday will break the ice..*

Comment of the day: when sitting on the sofa with Miss D, J started babbling her normal gobbeldygoo *ababbada a dodo a dooa doo* and I said: J, you have to speak English with D, J replied: "I, DID!" *oh..*

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