Thursday, 5 March 2009

Curvy roots

365: 72, Curvy

When we were out in the park the other day, I noticed this beautiful tree. I tried to get O to place Ebba in one of the "holes", so I could take a shot. What a joke, she wasn't still for even a second and the photos look quite funny, but very blurry. However, I managed to take some photos of the roots alone. 

I also want to thank everyone for the lovely comments, you are the best!

At first, I was going to do this post as a pure 365 post, but then I realized it's Thursday and that means to reflect on my week. Looking at the photo above, the funny thing is, O and I have been talking a lot about where we are coming from, what we would like to represent as a family, what kind of life we want our children to experience and what we want them to learn. We have been asking ourselves what things from our childhood that was important to us and what we can emphasize here to reflect what we learned in another country 30 years ago? Funnily enough, the photo works very well with my reflection, so I am squeezing these thoughts in this post as well. 

I have been thinking a lot about my roots. It is sometimes confusing living abroad. In a week's time, we have been living abroad for 9 years. It is a long time, which has shaped us differently to what we would have been, had we stayed in Sweden. Still, we are different to the British, it's a weird world living "in between" two cultures. Sometimes *mostly* I feel that my life is rich in experiences and I feel very blessed being able to experience two countries and understanding two cultures, but on the other hand, I sometimes feel rootless and as if I don't fit in in either of the worlds.

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Danudin said...

Beautiful in the park but you wouldn't want it around your house foundations or pathways.

BobbieCoughlin said...

I love these thick, solid roots that are so firmly implanted in the earth but which give nourishment to something that stetches into the sky.

Madelaine said...

Beautiful curves! Love your interpretation!

Trebarnsmamman said...

Oj vilken viktig och djup reflektion du gjort denna vecka, och vilka vackra rötter trädet hade...hoppas dina barndomsrötter är lika vackra och stablia. De du beskriver med rotlösheten har min svåger berättat om (han bor i italien sedan 7 år) att man liksom inte är hemma riktigt någonstans men ändå.

Tack för din rotreflektion!

Chesney said...

LOVE this Mia! I looks like this tree has claws! Great eye!

Anonymous said...

It certainly is a curvy tree! It must have been funny trying to get the puppy to pose for that!

How important it is to have these kind of reflections - it helps to both appreciate what you have and stay on track with what you want to achieve.

mljrbg said...

Beautiful shot. Very interesting roots.

Anonymous said...

the perspective makes the shot. It creates something more than it is.