Monday, 7 April 2008

The Return

Yesterday we took our flight back. I was wondering what it would feel like to see our "new home town", but I didn't have to wonder for too long. I didn't make it longer than to the carpark at the airport until I started sobbing uncontrollably. A good thing the children where already in the car, happily singing away to one of their favorite CDs.

So, our return has not been the most cheerful one. Before we left for Sweden, the contract with our new flat went down the drains. They refused to mention the private garden in the contract and "we've been down that road before", so we pulled out. Cs school is also behaving extremely badly, so maybe it wasn't that strange that it all felt pretty lousy yesterday.

Today, we've had a really quiet day. C happily playing with all his toys, J not so happy*very tired from the trip yesterday* whining mostly, O working and me mostly wandering around the flat with a massive headache trying to think of our future. I have started to think "what are we doing up here when O is down in Big City..."

Enough with the whining. Every cloud has a silver is bound to get better, right? I must admit, the view when flying in over our new part of the country was breathtaking with snowcapped mountains as far as you could see.


one more boiled peanut, please said...

What an awesome shot! Very nice, Mia.

Anna said...

Det svårt att veta var man ska landa, hoppas ni hittar hem snart. kram anna uk

Dosiss said...

Overall it takes a year to get settled. Think about what's best for you all and act in concequense. Courage!

O said...

after all these years I never knew you were such a fantastic pho... however you spell that...

anyways, miss you loads and wish you were here! Really, I had to change room and ended up in the freezer!!! Come here already!!

Miss you.


amelia said...

Ditt hem är där du har din familj, dom är allra viktigast. Så försöker i alla fall jag tänka nuförtiden, när jag går och funderar över var jag hör hemma någonstans. Kram vännen!

Mia said...

grammom: Thank you for stopping by, it't great to see here you again!

anna: Tack vännen, vi funderar så det knakar och har börjat hitta alternativ.

dossis: I know, it was quite a big move to come up here, I didn't think it was going to be like that, so we are really thinking about what would be best for us. Thank you.

O: pho..bic you mean? ;) Freezer sounds nice, don't forget to turn the little knob on the radiator tonight, darling... Miss you too!

amelia: Precis och nu e vi utspridda och då undrar jag om vi nånsin kommer känna oss hemma. Jag e sugen på att flytta ner igen till London, fast prova på ett nytt område.. Tack för din omtanke.

Dogeared said...

I'm sorry the flat is giving you such headaches... I hope you find a fantastic solution (and school) soon! I can recommend Devon ;-)

And great photo! I love aerial ones, and only took some myself for the first time last year, flying to Dublin!

Mia said...

dogeared: Thank you for always being so sweet and considerate.

I have a little bit of Devon past..for 3 months (in 1997 *gosh, that made me feel old!*) when I did an English course in Torquay. It is a stunning part of the country and I have been visiting these parts at findaproperty many times.. :)

O, however still remember the times when he visited me during the weeking. Flying in from Sweden, 5hours on a bus ride one kiss and then back again.. ;)

Watson Family said...

Som alltid, dina fotografier imponerar och inspirerar!

Åh, jag hoppas du finner ro i dina tankar snart, och kommer fram till ett beslut och en plan som passar er lilla familj.